ADHD & the Media

ADHD and the Media

There have been several articles lately in the news and one that I have received comments about was in the local Portland Oregonian a few weeks ago. The article cited information gleaned from the National Institutes of Health and indicated some warning signs of ADHD included but were not limited to:
1) Struggling to respond
2) Difficulties paying attention
3) Failing to listen to instructions
4) Problems staying organized
5) Leaving chores or homework unfinished
6) Talking too much or difficulties interrupting others

Most of the comments that I received coalesced around the consequences of not seeking treatment and these included:
1) Disrupted relationships
2) Rejection from peers, friends and important others
3) Underperforming at school or work
4) Depression and or anxiety
5) Greater risk of substance abuse
6) Impulsivity
7) Anti-social behavior

The article indicated that some treatments for ADHD included medication, structured classroom/work management, and behavioral therapy. It indicated that ADHD was not caused by bad parenting, too much sugar, or vaccines. It should be noted that ADHD does have a genetic component and does appear to travel in family clusters. Perhaps the best part of the article indicated that with treatment, individuals can improve their school or work performance and build strong relationships.

If you or someone you know has ADHD symptoms, encourage them to seek treatment from a local ADHD treatment professional. If you are within the local Portland Oregon (OR) area and have questions about ADHD diagnosis, ADHD medication, ADHD treatment, or ADHD counseling, please feel free to contact me at
(503) 492-2200.

As always, I welcome your questions, comments and suggestions.

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