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Maybe it is the recent tragedy in Colorado, or maybe it’s the thought of returning back to school in September that is causing the phone to ring off the hook from potential patients who are describing a mix of ADHD symptoms and higher anxiety. Callers are indicating that the catastrophe has caused them to feel more on edge, which worsens their inattentiveness, disorganization, problems concentrating, difficulties with procrastination and task completion.

Certainly it can be said that one’s external environment can adversely affect their overall sense of well-being. If there are underlying issues with ADHD or ADD, world or local events that are traumatic can add to the strain and stresses which can exacerbate the symptoms. Oftentimes at that juncture, patients become motivated to reach out and seek professional assistance. After they make the call and find out that this is not an isolated issue, they feel more empowered about finally addressing issues that have been longstanding. Many report knowing that as young children they suffered with these same symptoms and felt increased anxiety when events in their world were traumatic.

What is refreshing to know, is that with proper diagnosing, patients report a vast improvement in the ADHD/ADD symptoms and in many cases a disappearance of the anxiety symptoms as well. This supports the belief that it was the ADHD/ADD issues that were causing the anxiety rather than as some would have us believe, the anxiety that is causing the ADHD/ADD. Either way, what is crucial is for someone to make the call to a trained professional who specializes in ADHD/ ADD diagnosis, treatment, counseling and medication.

If you or someone you know, lives in the greater Portland Oregon (OR) area, and thinks they may have ADHD or ADD, and wants to speak to me about ADHD/ADD diagnosis, ADHD/ADD medication, ADHD/ADD counseling, or ADHD/ADD treatment, please call (503)492-2200. I would be honored to address your concerns and see if there is a way to resolve the issues.

As always, I welcome your questions, concerns and feedback.

2 thoughts on “ADHD/ADD & Anxiety

  1. My daughter has been a day dreamer since day one. I would describe her as highly social, very imaginative, and a great communicator. She just turned 7 years old. Her “performance” in school is one of just squeaking by. She cannot stay on task. She struggles with reading and writing. Even a little stimulation will draw away her attention. The teachers, love her long narratives in class and because she in not disruptive, agressive, or anxious they think all is well.

    I am concerned because that fine line between having a social girl with great people skills and a child who can barely stay focused on eating dinner because she is looking at a bird out he window, or day dreaming about the school play, or talking to us about the events of the day seems like it has been crossed. She needs prompting for just about everything.

    Sometimes the reading that should take 20 minutes takes an hour. I am wondering two things: does this sound like the inattentive type and if so do you have a referral in the Corvallis area or see children yourself?

    PS Looking over the criteria her inability to stay on task or listen are the outstanding features. There are no social difficulties, introversion, agressiveness, disruptiveness, anxiety, or fear. We have, of course, tried postive reinforcements/consequences to no avail.

    Concerned Parents.

    1. Hello Anita,
      Thank you for your thoughtful note. While many of the symptoms that you describe seeing with your daughter do seem to be part of the ADD spectrum, I would be loathe to definitively state that she meets the criteria for an ADHD predominantly inattentive diagnosis. This might be better achieved through an initial assessment that would go over many areas and should be done by a clinician with ADHD/ADD experience. The two prescribers that I am familiar with in the Corvallis area are not currently accepting new patients but I did get a third party referral for a child psychiatrist Dr. Michael Marcin at (541) 230-1630. Please give his office a call and see if he would be a good fit for your needs.
      Additionally, I would suggest going to your local bookstore or library and peruse the psychology/self help section for books on childhood ADHD/ADD. There are a myriad of excellent books that might prove helpful. Finally, continuing to give your daughter unconditional love and acceptance is a great benefit for everyone in the family.
      I am honored by your note and wish you all great success.

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