Covid-19 and ADHD/ADD

It’s been almost one year that Covid has changed things for everyone around the world. No one a year ago could have predicted how disruptive this pandemic has been in terms of lives changed, lives altered, and lives lost. We all have suffered in some fashion whether it was loss of freedom, loss of employment, loss of financial stability, loss of a family member, friend, mentor, partner etc. that will forever change us. And so it is with those folks who are struggling with maintaining some semblance of order in their lives but are finding it more difficult in these very trying times.
Know this, you are not alone. Since Covid has struck us all in different ways, my phone calls have gone up significantly. I hear folks asking for assistance like never before. I want you to know that this is not in your head, that just about everyone I speak with is reporting difficulties in their lives and if you have ADHD/ADD from a previous diagnosis, or think you may have ADHD/ADD because the things you use to do to cope with your ADHD/ADD like symptoms aren’t working like they did previously, I invite you to reach out and give me a call at (503) 492-2200.
I’m truly hopeful that we have turned a corner and people are starting to get vaccines. I encourage people to stay up with the latest news of where vaccines are being given in your area, and take them when eligible. If we have learned nothing else from this pandemic, it is that we are truly dependent on each other and together we are stronger than if we go it alone.
As always I welcome your thoughts, concerns, suggestions and feedback about ADHD/ADD in Portland OR. and thank you for your insights.

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