ADHD/ADD and Self Confidence

After treating over one thousand patients that have a diagnosis of ADHD or ADD in Portland Oregon (OR), one of the main factors that emerges is the rise that these individuals seem to have in self confidence. Many relate stories of being told how deficient they were as children in one or more areas. They speak of enduring hardships in school, labeled as problem kids, told they were not working up to their potential and after awhile began to believe what they were hearing.

Can one begin to imagine how those young impressionable minds were affected hearing that over and over? It would be quite difficult not to begin to see yourself as the problem when in many cases it was simply that parts of the brain were not connecting properly and once remedied, these folks find results that in some cases are almost miraculous. I’ve heard stories of students who had been dismissed from schools were now getting 4.0 GPA’s, folks who were fired from numerous positions, getting raises and be held up as model employees. Patients who were taking anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medications, find that they were no longer necessary or greatly reduced. It is amazing what can and does happen when someone is assessed, diagnosed, and begins treatment to correct the attention deficits.

If you have had problems with your ability to pay attention, problems with being able to focus or concentrate, find that your mind wanders after a few minutes on a task, start projects but rarely complete them, put off things until the last minute, etc. then you might have ADHD or ADD. Why suffer needlessly when assistance could be just a phone call away. If you, or someone you know, can identify with these symptoms, and live in the greater Portland Oregon (OR) area, give me a call and let’s discuss your situation.

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3 thoughts on “ADHD/ADD and Self Confidence

  1. I am a 49 year old man, recently assessed as having ADD. I began using Adderall and have been amazed by the results. The most dramatic change was the almost overnight loss of my chronic anxiety and depression. It just simply went away. The other dramatic change is my ability to control my impulses. Since I usually felt overwhelmed by everything, I would procrastinate until a crisis was created. I would waste hours at work on non-productive distractions. All of that has also simply evaporated. I now engage in time management and setting priorities like a normal, diligent person. I accomplish in two or three days what I sometimes took weeks to finish. And most importantly to me, I now remain calm and do not snap at my young son. I am happy again for the first time in years.

    1. Hi JD,
      I am pleased to hear that you have found such dramatic results. Having treated so many folks here in Portland Oregon (OR) that have ADHD symptoms similar to yours, I can say that many have had life changing benefits. I sincerely wish that a greater number of people who think they or a loved one are having problems with focus, concentration, organization, task completion, procrastination, carelessness, forgetfulness and are easily distracted, see a ADHD specialist for consultation.
      Continued good health and thanks for your feedback.
      Larry Eckman

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