ADHD in Portland (OR.) Oregon

It never ceases to amaze me that here we are in 2016 and there are still people continuing to assert that ADHD does not exist here in Portland OR.

They contend that it can be explained away in several different ways and all one has to do is start doing some things or stop doing some things and their symptoms will disappear.

These could be start exercising, ┬átake certain supplements or vitamins, do yoga, start biofeedback and other “remedies”.

While some of these may be tangentially helpful, for most they are only another setback in finding relief from symptoms that have plagued them for years.

Finally out of desperation I get the call and hear tale after tale of failed academic endeavors, failed relationships, employment issues, irritability, time issues and many other problems.

I understand their plight after hearing thousands of similar tales and I wonder how in this electronic age with information flashed around the world in seconds, we can have so many professionals and lay-people who continue to assert that ADHD is a fabricated disorder and is being over diagnosed leading to overprescribing of certain medications.

The reality here in Portland Oregon is that there aren’t enough ADHD specialists to satisfy the need. To make matters worse, Portland has seen an explosion of new residents that are attracted to the area for many different reasons.

This has only exacerbated the problem because many new transplants were diagnosed previously, are taking medications, and are needing to find a new ADHD specialist to take over their medication management and or therapy.

My recommendation is to be patient, be proactive in finding someone that understands the complexity of ADHD and is willing to work with you.

Too often when one goes to see a doctor or other health care provider, you feel as though you are invisible, simply just another number. If that happens, discuss it with your provider, ask for what you need, and if you still don’t feel heard or understood, that might be indicative of needing to find someone else that you feel understands you better.

As always, feel free to contact me at (503)492-2200 to discuss your needs. I welcome your thoughts, feedback, and questions.

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  1. I am literally crying reading this. Just to know that I’m not insane, I’m not a drug seeker for switching from dr. After dr. That clearly refuses to treat my diagnosis the same diagnosis which they will admit they agree I diagnostically suffer from, usually giving the undeducated, contradictory to current medical research journal findings, that my history of past substance abuse makes me an inappropriate candidate for these ‘types’ of medications. I had a 15 yr. plus history of non-abuse of anything, I graduated university with not only one but two degrees. The latter being a BSN in nursing. Again, a profession literally with access to numerous ‘drugs’ & never once an issue, a craving, a thought to abusing or using drugs/medications inappropriately. .. unfortunately about 10 years ago I found myself with a life unmanageable, I had moved, struggled to find employment, and juggled single parenting and all the difficulties associated with this. I found myself financially desolate, uninsured and worst of all without medication. I suffer also from major depressive disorder that is seemingly more or less resistant to meds for this and my at once somewhat manageable life spiraled chaotically out of control. I, a once solidly middle class person learned all about what the word welfare truly meant. I had not a clue. Eventually deemed disabled by the federal government due to my chronic unsuccessfully treated mental health I now faintly remember anything of that old life of ski resorts, owning an automobile, socializing with others ‘like me’. It’s been an experience, not all regretable either. But the point I’m finally getting to is this. …
    Ever since my mental health services were forever sealed by ‘low-income health insurance’ I’ve never returned to a manageable life filled with future hopes and dreams. I have become old, tired, hopeless, and my unmanaged ADHD has created chaos, a jail sentence, children who suffer the consequences of me not being able to function let alone motivate to get to the park, or arrange sports activities, homework practices….I’m exaggerated. Year after year i fight and advocate for myself and almost ten years later here I am still on the poor people’s insurance which in Oregon unfortunately equates to anyone seeking a prescription for a scheduled drug of any kind (medical necessity changes nothing here) is a drug seeker. An addict. Someone with character and moral flaws who just really wants to get high…funny (not really) how the medication to treat my ADHD actually only makes me feel normal, similar to the cocaine (way worse side effects) that unfortunately is way easier (yet again way detrimental to health and completely out of my budget, thankfully) to obtain than medication I need, even if I aggressively agree to and feel is prudent in responsible care, to random drug urinalyais. Thanks for your commitment to ethical, research supported care.

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