Going to College with ADD/ADHD

Lately I’ve been receiving more contacts from college students indicating that they are having significant difficulties now that they are in college. Many indicate that while these difficulties started in their early formative years, they’ve somehow managed to persevere until now. Some report having attended college before, only to receive poor grades, be placed on academic probation, or in some cases, asked to leave the college.

That leads some to question, why now? What is it about going to college that makes things for the ADHD/ADD college student more problematic?
Many individuals with ADHD/ADD have grown use to using brains, willpower and pluck to compensate for their inability to stay on track, focus, concentrate, stay organized, procrastinate and many of the other ADHD/ADD symptoms. While this might work in middle school and high school, when the students transition to college that approach is insufficient.

College brings more independence and more responsibilities. Students oftentimes have classed that have several hundred students and are also expected to sit for longer hours. They are also expected to find classrooms across a much larger campus and have much less individual contact and support from their teachers. Additionally college students are expected to manage their own financial affairs which might include rent, food, tuition, books, social activities, transportation etc, many for the first time. All these increased responsibilities with less parental and educator support, leads some students with ADHD/ADD to drop out of college and wonder if they can function in a college environment.

Luckily, for many, the answer is yes. Today, we have more understanding and awareness of what ADHD and ADD are about. There is no need to suffer needlessly and if you or a loved one, someone you know can identify with any of these symptoms, please seek out an ADHD/ADD specialist and discuss your situation. If you live in or near the greater Portland Oregon (OR) area feel free to give me a call at (503)492-2200.

As always, I welcome your questions, concerns, and suggestions.

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