ADD/ADHD & Shame

Hardly a day goes by when I don’t get multiple calls and e-mails from new prospective folks inquiring about coming in to get evaluated for possible ADD or ADHD. I get to hear their stories about difficulties in life as it manifests in employment, academics, personal and professional arenas.

Too often they tell a tale of not being good enough. Of hearing over and over again that they are lazy or absent minded. They hear how bright they are, but aren’t living up to their potential. They hear others tell them that while they are sorry, they have to let them go in one capacity or another whether it’s in a job, or being asked to leave college, or failed love relationships.

One must wonder what this does to the average psyche to be told that no matter how hard you work on being more organized, paying better attention, “trying” to finish tasks, not leaving things to the last minute, finding the items that you just had but can’t find, etc, you can’t succeed. They say that even steel breaks at a certain point if pushed beyond it’s limits. So it is with this situation where the individual begins to internalize that something is seriously wrong with them as a person and shame develops.

Shame is about who we are as a person where one begins to feel embarrassed, unworthy and disgraced. It is no wonder, that this situation oftentimes can bring forth a sense of heightened anxiety and depression. Luckily, we understand more today than ever about the brain and brain chemistry. No longer does one have to suffer the ill effects of shame related to their cognitive deficits due to ADD or ADHD.

If any of these words apply to you, or a friend, colleague or loved one, encourage them to seek a professional who specializes in ADD and ADHD. If you live in the greater Portland Oregon (OR.) area and have questions about ADD ADHD symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, medications, coaching, etc., feel free to contact me to discuss your needs.

Many thanks for all the positive feedback to this blog. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions don’t hesitate to contact me.

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